Friday, March 27, 2009

daily plate.

I'm the newest member of The Daily Plate!... The website was suggested to me by B since her sister A has had so much success with it and swears by it (and with her results of losing over 45 lbs in a year - I'll take her word). I'm so excited now that I will really be able to track what I eat, how much I exercise, and be held accountable for what food and work I put into my body :) I have a feeling I'll become one of those people who religiously update their daily plate - I'm already a fanatic! A day and a half - and I'm completely on track :) In case you don't know about the Daily Plate, here's the web address:

The Daily Plate

Even without the Daily Plate, I must say, I've impressed myself with my commitment to getting back into shape - two and a half weeks in - I can already see results! I'm much more energetic (this may have to do with the fact that I'm back on track with my iron levels in my blood - but I like to think it's due to the exercising), I'm starting to see a little more definition in my arms, and when I stepped on the scale last night- for the first time in two weeks- I was down 4 lbs! GO ME!

On another bright note, I'm headed back up to Steven's tomorrow for some boarding :) Hopefully it keeps snowing and isn't quite as icy as last weekend! Cheers to the weekend friends! Have a good one... and as always -

God bless.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


i haven't quite felt like myself for the past week or so. not sure what the deal is - why i feel so unlike me, but i am damn well determined to get this out of my system. i have a couple roadblocks at the moment though - (one) i'm coming down with some sort of cold or something, i don't feel as awake, i've been more than usually stuffy, with a bit of a scratchy throat; (two) i took a nasty spill on sunday when we went up to steven's pass for a day of boarding. not sure how i did it, but made quite the fool of myself - hat and goggles went a-flying off of me and the way i landed i wrenched my neck. OUCH. i have an appointment tomorrow with my chiropractor to hopefully get this sorted out. not being able to turn my head or look down very easily without pain - is just that - a pain in my neck!

it's been pretty quiet around my place without V in town... she's off over in hawaii with her family - *cough cough LUCKY cough cough* - for a little less than a week left... must be rough! i don't mind the quiet and it looks as though T and i will be getting another dose of it this coming weekend. his roommates are leaving for the weekend, quite a few friends of ours are headed to whistler, and V doesn't come home until late saturday (i think). this will hopefully turn into a money-saving weekend with some quality us time :) now if i can just kick this icky feeling - we'll be good to go!

hope you all wore your green today - happy st. patricks day!

god bless.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


sorry, i've been slacking a bit. well i wouldn't necessarily say slacking - just busy! yesterday was my birthday and i must say - one of the better ones i've had in a long time. my birthday history is a rocky one - injuries, break-ups, etc., so... YAY for breaking the tradition!

we ate dinner at umi sake house last night - arranged by T... what a great guy :) i feel very lucky. i know he really wanted to make it special for me, and even knowing my avoidance of big self-celebrations and icky history of being upset on my birthday, he still pressed on - and with success :) my birthday this year was absolutely perfect. nothing too big, nothing too crazy - just right! (i can't wait to start working on my golf swing and putting skills thanks to him:) )

i'm at work right now, so don't really have much time to doddle on - so goodbye 23! HELLO 24!