Friday, April 17, 2009

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


this weekend was a reminder of just exactly why i am no longer qualified to party like i used to in college. i will say that it was super fun, but honestly, there was no reason i should have drank literally ALL weekend long. so much for those calories, right?

i certainly paid for my adult beverage intake though... i won't go into details - let's just say i felt like i wanted to die on monday morning - which was also probably brought on by the amount of food i ate on sunday. not smart, em... not smart at all.

but now that i'm back to normal (i think), it's time to get down to business... summer is right around the corner, and with the taste we've had the last few days - i need to go full throttle at the gym! swimsuit season is almost here, and for anyone that knows my financially crippling addiction to buying bathing suits, i will be sporting them as often as possible and trying to soak up as much sun as my schedule will allow me!

which brings me to my next point - i am SO proud of myself this year! for lent, i gave up anything drive-thru that i could eat - which means i could still be a drive-thru banker, i just couldn't stop for a snack or a coffee anywhere! i made it! (ok, i'm jumping the gun a few days early, but give me a break!) not only have i not gone through a drive-thru, but i have abstained from eating fast food altogether and haven't had coffee since Ash Wednesday - i have to tell you, it wasn't easy! i will tell you though, that i definitely saved money by not spontaneously dropping by coffee stands for a treat and i think i can continue on with this new "non" habit :) i think my bank account will appreciate me a little more for this.

so as far as everything else goes, life is good. the bf is good, work is good, weather is slowly but surely getting better, and i'm bound to get back on track with my goals. sadly, snowboarding season is coming to a close, but i think i gave it a good effort this year :) for a girl who's got a robot leg, that is. speaking of which, has been bothering me lately... just stiff and sore... :(

i guess EVERYTHING can't be great, but all in all, i'm content. last night, i had the honor of sharing the evening with T's family for his niece, Lucy's, 1st birthday! she is such a doll... i can't get enough of her little smile!

photo by: Jeff Honeycutt - Sea Studio

isn't she just the sweetest!? i've never seen a baby attack a cake like she did! it was maybe one of the most adorable things i've ever seen :) happy 1st birthday miss lucy!