Thursday, December 10, 2009


i know it's been a long time since i've written. I KNOW.

but- (insert big gasp of anticipation here) -i'm back. happy holidays to all :) it's beginning to feel like christmas around here with the cold weather, but where the heck is the snow?! being raised on minnesota winters definitely makes it a little more difficult to feel christmas-y without snow around, but fingers crossed that we'll get some (not a lot because people around here can't drive worth a damn in it) soon.

haven't made it up to the slopes yet, and probably won't until after the new year, which gives me a little more time to save my body from the snow assault i'll probably take on once i get back on the snowboard... sigh. shredder will return! we should all take a moment to mourn the future owies i will have.

not too much new around my 'hood. oh wait, i take that back. my best friend, B, moved to LA last month. i had the sads for awhile about that, but am ok with it now. one more person to go visit in california :) my old college roommate, J, is probably moving down there in january as well. boo. we're all growing up and moving on... one more sigh.

well my day is coming to a close at the office, so i'll pick back up in a day or two. or tonight if i'm feeling writerific - yes, i just made up that word - go with it.